Release Blitz & Review: Dark Deception by Zoe Blake.

Title: Dark Deception
Author: Zoe Blake
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: January 23, 2018

She doesn’t just want revenge.

She wants him dead.

Mirage is a master jewel thief but tonight she is an assassin.


His life was ruined by her lies.

Now he will make her pay.

He will have her on her knees, begging for forgiveness.

It’s time she learned why they call him, Paine.

AUTHOR NOTE: This book is edgy, dark and dirty. If the possibility of having
your boundaries tested does not appeal to you, then please do not purchase.

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Author Bio

USA Today and International Bestselling Author in Dark

We are all attracted to the forbidden, addicted to the rush we get from reading
something naughty. We love to lose ourselves in the fantasy. The powerful lord
who sweeps the lady away to his remote estate to ravish her. The cowboy who
takes the sassy city girl over his knee to teach her a lesson. The Scottish
laird who prefers to make love in the wild. I write those romantic fantasies.

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Once again, I discovered another AMAZING author on my book blogging journey! Zoe Blake is definitely going to be one of my favorites when I’m in the mood for a REALLY dark romance!

I will agree with the authors warning above. Dark Deception is very dirty and dark, which is totally fine with me, but it may not be for others. If you aren’t ok with pushing your boundaries and going in with an open mind, you just need to grab another book. I had to stop reading a few times because even I got worked up a little 😉

With that being said…


This book was everything I love in a dark romance and more! Paine is an alpha male in every sense of the word. This story had me intrigued from the beginning. The book starts off with Mirage trying to kill Paine, as the synopsis states. That’s when the excitement begins!

I loved the dynamic between Mirage and Paine. Mirage is the type of woman who will fight to the end, no matter what her punishment will be and Paine is the type of man who will willingly dish it out. They make a dangerously sexy duo.

I was on edge the whole time, not knowing what Paine and Mirage would do next and I loved every minute of it!

If you love a dirty, sexy dark romance, go grab your copy of Dark Deception!