If I Could Be Any Character From A Book…


What if you had the ability to take over your favorite character’s identity in real life?

Who would you choose? 

I had to rack my brain a while on this one. I love so many of the female characters I have read about. Choosing just one was a difficult decision. After thinking a couple days on it, I chose FBI Agent Riley Paige from A Riley Paige Mystery series by Blake Pierce.

There are a total of 12 books in the series. I will be reading #6 soon. I’ve read so much about her life in the last 5 books that I feel like I personally know her. Blake Pierce does an exceptional job creating his characters!

Here are a few reasons why I picked Riley Paige: 

She is an everyday woman, facing struggles just like the rest of us. The series is not only about her capturing serial killers. Blake gives us a glimpse into Riley’s personal life and her battles. She is trying to juggle being a mom while working long hours and a dangerous job, trying to deal with her own worries, and the complications of her love life…or lack of.

Riley struggles the most with her relationship with April. She is constantly at war with herself. She feels like she is a bad mother for putting in so many hours with her job and also bringing danger to April. April and Riley have their bad times, but the author also shows us how they really do love each other so much.

Riley is the most kick-ass woman I’ve read about! Riley is a BOSS when it comes to being bad ass! She puts her everything into solving a case and NEVER gives up. She will even risk her life to catch someone just so the world can have one more monster off the streets. Riley is a great fighter, but she doesn’t always win….but she always comes out on top!

Riley is a determined woman. Riley is one of the best Agents at getting herself into the mind of a serial killer so she can catch them faster. With that being said, the Special Agent in Charge, Carl Walder, gives Riley hell all the time. He is always threatening to pull her gun and badge if she doesn’t do what he instructs because he is a know it all who thinks he is always right. He has a bad complex.

Riley has disobeyed him plenty of times because she knew she was close to finding the killer. She wasn’t going to stop until she found them, even if it did mean losing her badge.

Riley is a smart woman. Riley has the rare ability to put herself into the mind of the serial killer she is chasing. She is quick to think and she listens to her gut, which has never steered her wrong. She figures out information more than most of the other Agents in the Buro.

She has an adrenaline filled life. I’m an adrenaline junkie, so her job sounds pretty exciting to me! I know the book isn’t completely the same as in real life, but I enjoy imagining I’m part of all the excitement anyways!

Those are some of the reasons I would choose FBI Agent Riley Paige. 

If you had the same opportunity to do the same thing, who would you pick?

One can download the first book in the series, Once Taken, for free on Amazon by clicking HERE. I’m sure you can on other platforms, but I only use Amazon so I’m not sure.

Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery--Book #1) by [Pierce, Blake]



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