REVIEW: Last Chance by Lauren Runow. Release Date: 1/09/18!


Release Date: 01/09/2018

Genre: Romance

My Rating: 5 Stars!


Last Chance is a story of love and heartache proving that life is not always fair, but it’s worth the pain to get the moments you’ll treasure forever.


From the very first moment I laid eyes on him, I knew my heart was his for the taking. He was the boy who filled me with butterflies and made my palms turn clammy at the mere sight of him.

There was only one problem… he was my best friend’s older brother.

It’s been eight years since I’ve last seen him, and I refuse to live another day without telling him the truth. So here I stand, taking my last chance to get him to notice me, my last chance to see if he feels the same way.

I need to know if he is just a fantasy, or if he could be my reality…

Before my reality changes forever.


I never wanted a girlfriend; I was burned by love and vowed to never go down that road again. But when the beautiful girl I’ve known practically my entire life snuck her way into my arms there was something that changed in me. I wanted to be with her, next to her. Just simply kissing her lips made my life complete.

Now I have one mission.

To make hers complete, too.


Disclaimer: I was given an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The first thing I’m going to tell you about Last Chance is the music incorporated into the book. If you want to get the full experience of reading this story, I suggest you have these songs on a playlist ready to play as you read. Listening to the songs helped me feel more connected to Conner and Mackenzie’s story.

Also be prepared to cry like a baby during some of these songs! Just giving you a heads up!


When I first started Last Chance, I thought I was going to be reading a totally different type of book. I was not emotionally prepared for what was in store for me. I hate cliches, but I’ll go ahead and say that Last Chance emotionally shattered me, heart and soul. I am still trying to recover!

This book is filled with so many different emotions, and trust me, you will feel each one of them. Fear, anger, sadness, joy, surprise, grief… Last Chance is a reminder that life isn’t always fair. Sometimes we aren’t dealt the best hand, but Mackenzie was so brave and strong. Such an inspiration to everyone around her, even in such a dark time.

It took me a while to finish this book. There were times when I had to just sit and process what just happened.  I didn’t think my heart could handle much more. There were also times that I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and had to gather myself again.

Last Chance is so much more than just a typical romance book. I’ve read plenty of love stories in my life, but none of them compare to this! Lauren Runow takes us on a journey that I will never forget. Last Chance will forever hold a special place in my heart.








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